For over 50 years, Agridor has been active in the importing, exporting and trading of potatoes, onions, carrots and fruit. Since trust is an extremely important factor in this trade, in consultation with you we attempt to find the right products which correspond perfectly to your requirements.

Our strenghts

- the delivery of quality products;
- high flexibility;
- good contactability;
- a very extensive network of suppliers

In short: Agridor is your indispensable partner.



Depending on your personal wishes and preference, we can provide you with our products via the following companies:

Agridor bvba
Franselei 29
2950 Kapellen
Tel: +32 36201240
Fax: +32 36667908
Agridor Holland BV
Postbus 63
4645 ZH Putte
Tel: +31 653285791


Ms Lorella Maggio- general manager: +31 653285791
Ms Liesbeth de Waal- sales: +31 653912651